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Religious Studies
Shelley Rabinovitch

SRS1110 Introduction:TheCross-CulturalApproach September11,2013 Ritual (See p. 234-235 in Rabinovitch) (See p. 77-91 in Stein & Stein)  A Series of Routinized activities  A series of repeated actions at certain times under certain circumstances  Not always religious (Ex. OCD) o Hockey players hit the Goalie's nee-pad with their stick before the start of the game for good luck  A routine of certain actions in a certain order  The goal/desired result is to have an 'effect' in daily life  Another example is a rite of passage (Bachelor Parties/Birthday Parties/Fraternity and Sorority Hazing) Myth (ology) (See Chapter 2 in Stein & Stein)  Untruth/Fib/Lie (Urban Myth)  Derives from Muthos (More than one level of meaning [Many layers/meanings]) Other word Logos (Clear, with no confusion over the definition [Ex. The Word Chalk is a word that  only means one thing])  Also defined as Sacred Origin Text (Myths that lose their "Sacredness" become Legends)  Ology is the Greek word meaning "Study of" (Sociology/Anthropology/Cosmology) Legends (See p. 31 in Stein & Stein)  Teaching stories to understand/educate people about unknown phenomenon  No set time, highly focused  Some truth, but not in its entirety.  Difference between Myth and Legend (Myth is Sacred [to some people], Legend is Not Sacred [an explanation]) Folk Tale (See p. 31 in Stein & Stein)  Begins with "Once upon a Time", ends with "Happily Ever After"  Teaches basic morals (Don't go into the woods alone is from Red Riding Hood)  Not a real time or place, but does have educational value  Usually taught to children, and are more commonly known as "Fables" Cosmology  Derives from the Word Cosmo, defined as World/Worldview  Defines how the universe is structured  Derives from Mythology  Seen/Described as a Hierarchy Axiology  Axium=Golden Rule (Treat others the way you would want to be treated)  Value system (What is important morally) o Morals taught by religion  Based on Cosmology (Bumper Sticker Quotations) Wednesday, September 11, 2013 SRS1110 Transcendent  Outside of the Physical World/Not bound by the Earth  Beyond physical/mental/emotional  Ex. Heaven/Hell Immanent  Here and Now/Physical World  Presence within Earth/Possible to be entirely within
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