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Lecture I - Terminology

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University of Ottawa
Religious Studies
Shelley Rabinovitch

Lecture I Terminology Wednesday, January 8. 2014 Occult - Comes from the word “occultive” - Something which is occult or occultive is something which is hidden from view o Ex. I came out of the shower and didn’t want to put pants on so I occulted the windows (I hide the view) - Something which is hidden from the people who have access to it o Ex. In movies, summoning demons is considered occult, because the practice is “hidden”- except from the people who have knowledge about the practice Magic vs. Magick - Has a number of meanings - Can be harnessed, but must be trained to use - An occult author (not a Magician who pulls a rabbit out of a hat), added the (k) to differentiate: o Magic: stage illusions / entertainment o Magick: powers and the forces which exist in the world  Somewhat akin to electricity • Can’t see electricity, but can see its effects  Occulted because you need to be trained and initiated into the practice Culture - A collection of mutually agreed (not consciously) how we see, learn and understand the world o How we understand information is based on our culture - Cultural norms and values are learned o Ex. We are not born knowing we must not marry our first cousins Taboo - Not of the English origin - Any action that is absolutely unacceptable because they break hard lines / rules Myth and Mythology - TOTAL MISUSE: when used in general speech, a myth is untrue o “Don’t believe that, it’s just a myth.” - Study of myths o The Greeks had or
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