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Lecture 16

SCI1101 Lecture 16: Bacillus

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Science (General)
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Don Dawson

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Bacillus; Aerobic + Clostridium; Anaerobic. Non-Spore Forming Rods: (most bacteria do not make spores) Listeria Monocytogenes and Corynebacterium Diptheriae Listeria Monocytogenes: - Non-spore forming but aerobic. - Psychrophile: can multiply in low temperatures. - Common in the air or soil; small number can be tolerated - Found in soft cheese, unpasteurized, milk, cold cuts, Pate. - The symptoms are mild; - The elderly are at risk; very few organisms that can gross the placenta and infect the fetus - Immunocompromised are at high risk. Corynebacterium Diptheriae: - Causes diphtheria. The exotoxin causes the damage. - Damage the heart circulatory system and neural cells; CNS. - Not common; now found in a vaccine that we get. - Nasty pathogen. In non-developed remote. Gram Negative Bacilli: They affect the enteric system; referred to as ENTERICS; VOMIT, DIARHEA; CRAMPS - Enterics; have different groupings; - Differential Media; Maconkey Media (pink-purple) EMB Media; has both inhibiting substances to differentiate the ingredients; (dark purple.) - We need many tests to differentiate these bacteria; hydrolysis of area; immunity test against its pili, flagella, capsule. - You can test them on their antigenic structure. - 1.) They can cause diarrhea and not much other damage. - 2.) They can penetrate in the guy lining and cause cell damage. - 3.) They can penetrate into the bloodstream and cause nasty infections - Normal flora; can escape and cause infections. Salmonellae: - Most common gram-negative bacilli. - Non lactose fermenter lactose - Most common host; Animal Source. - Mild and mostly diarrhea like symptoms. Can get to other parts of the body. - 2 types that we need to worry about; Enteritidis
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