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Does not like private property. How many crimes, murder, and wars could
we have been spared if property lines did not exist: “the fruits of the earth
belongs to everyone, the earth itself belongs to no one”
Pg. 112. The development of housing and shelters. People begin to live
together in some sort of congealed relationship generated by habit.
“Solitary and simple life”
Commodities soften people
Public esteem being to be praised, people fight over revenge, honour, sexual
Pg. 155-116: sad moment in the historical projector: The Fatal Accident.
Accident: something happened by chance, something went wrong.
Rousseau thinks all of human history has been diverted because of this
What we need the most of is food, so why is it necessary to have more than
other people?
The fatal accident: the invention of metallurgy (blacksmiths), which led to
the exploitation of agriculture because not everyone was looking for food or
taking part in agriculture anymore
Believes there may have been a volcano and saw ore come from the volcano
and learn from the explosion that the ore melts and can be molded
This is the first division of humanity. Before this everyone did the same thing,
looked for food and tried to survive. Now some people are doing industry,
and some people are farming in order to feed the people who are in the
Here it may have been possible to maintain equality between the two, but in
reality there was no way to organize it. Thus the differential abilities lead to
different levels of wealth based on the new exchange systems between the 2
sectors of economy
Once people divide themselves through the division of labour, inequalities
Living in civil society: we must make other people like us if you are not
interested in me, I die. Because I cannot make my own food etc. I must make
you see and advantage for yourself when working for my benefit. What then
happens is problematic for Rousseau. We will treat everyone different
depending on their relationship to us and what we plan to get from them. All
of our interactions are conditioned with each other all depending on how we
perceive the person we are talking to
We don’t have an understanding anymore to understand what it means to be
Social man only knows how to live in the opinion of others where he gets his
existence. Everything becomes warped and wanting other peoples opinions
and thoughts of themselves. Never daring to ask the question to us “Who am
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