SCS2150 Lecture 11: (11) Literature Review

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(11) Literature Review
Literature Linked to Theory
Revisiting step 1.
Causal model, definition, and indications come from literature review.
Literature review comes from our political theory.
Remember the link before you begin searching the literature.
Forms – Creating a Database of References
Journal name, volume, issue, page numbers, date: (for an article)
Publisher, city, date: (for a book)
Summary (sample, methods, variables, questionnaire, items, findings):
Direct quotes (with page numbers):
Your opinion (strengths, weaknesses, etc.):
Search by subject.
Search by Boolean connectors – and, or, not, etc.
Don’t forget about interlibrary loans.
Government documents – the University of Ottawa is a depository.
Scholarly Articles
Books and reference works are useful, but most contemporary social science research is
found in professional journals, most of which are published quarterly.
Scholarly journal articles and those in news and opinion magazines are indexed in a
variety of paper and online periodical indexes.
Search by subject, author, or title.
Consult the Political Studies Library homepage for hints and tips.
Other Search Engines You Can Use To Locate Articles
Social Science Index
American Political Science Review
The Economist
Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin
Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature
New Republic
National Review
Web Sites
Efficient method.
Scholarly articles and news articles are found online.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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