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Second Language Teaching
Sima Paribakht

THDLS OCTOBER 6 2011 How it is the children can master a language CPH Critical Period HypothesisIs there a time line Before puberty its easier to learn a lang before 12may ask to use one of the theories of children to adult superioritybrain laterization brain has two side lang is possessed in the left side of the brain assigning functions to the right or life side of the brainThere is this global participation of the brain and maybe thats why its easier to learn beforeyour brain finally laterizes its not that the right has nothing to with lang but if a person is hurtthen the patient was able to still speak if the injury occurred on the right side of the brain cognitive development of the brain Occurs quickly from 016 then slows down At 16 our cognitive ability allow us to abstract thinking understand complex concepts problem solvingno preconceptions because they are blind to the world Adults overanalyze lang children take it as a task lack of ability to problem solve may be athing analysis is not always needed ndfor 2 lang learningadults could learn the syntax grammar etc better lang isnt just accent children have a smaller vocabularyaffective
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