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Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

thJanuary 9Machiavelli Constantly fighting for advantage northern Italy mashup not unitedSmall Northern cities in Italy are unable to unite in politics and provide a long lasting and stable social life how to get out of this was a key problem for Machiavelli Born in Florence in 1469 into a middle class familyBegan thinking of alternatives to monarchy learning about Greek science changes to the renaissance The king was seen as a God on earth and was to prepare all his subjects for salvation in the afterlifePolitics before the renaissance is about one goal following Gods law and saving everyone It is not about economic growth or competing against other states and the common good When Machiavelli became a diplomat around 1494 he began to question the current state and the purpose of government He began to promote the older classical vision of politicsthe purpose of government is not moral or spiritual it is about doing good for our common wealth in the here and now The highest duty of politics is to help establish a free state A free state distinction between citizens and subjects Firstly free states have citizens whom parti
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