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thJanuary 11Prince Chapter 25 lays out a dichotomy and addresses the question of how much we are able to control what happens to us How much is due to our ability to plan and foresee and how much is due to change He is trying to account for the fact that no matter how good a ruler is it will not be enough because the unforeseen will happenCannot be as scientific with the natural sciences and social relationsHe is trying to figure out a way to bring into social sciences what cannot be in a natural wayHe is attempting to maximize our control Virtu comes from the Latin word Vir for man It is about the classical vision of manliness it is not about being morally good but being able to act effectively Movie Taken Fortune something that happens to us that we dont and cannot understandno matter how much virtu you have There will always be fortune operating that you cannot predict Summary The way to maximize your virtu is to flexible someone with virtu knows how to modify their beha
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