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Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Hobbes Leviathan English philosopher 15881679 Year of the Armada 60 years after MachiavelliHobbes goal how to achieve security safety and purityThe great object of Hobbes fear is disorder or civil warHis political doctrine enforces us to ask ourselves how much freedom we are willing to give up in exchange for securityThis period was marked by struggles of the King vs The Parliament Parliament insisted it had the right to any taxation the King closed the Parliament and this conflict resulted in civil war in England in the 1640s and the establishment of the Republic form of government Hobbes took the royalist side He fled to continental Europe leaving in 1640 and stayed for 12 years During the period of exile and civil war in England Hobbes wrote LeviathanThe Political Doctrine of HobbesHis goal is for peace and stability The essential thing we must do is submit ourselves to authority in order to receive this stability The one right we retain after submission to authority is the right to selfpreservationHobbes view on the state of natureBefore our submission to authority we are in a state of nature Which is an intellectual device used to analyze the origins of society Break down society into its simplest pieces To imagine what
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