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Jordan Stancil

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Locke Second Treatise of Government IVI Born in 16321704Writes to argue for this revolution to create a regime of separated powersWho was he trying to convince you not to listen to He was arguing against Robert Filmer The values in Locke of democracy liberalism etc are not accepted by everyone in the world and thus the debate continues Societies like China are not organized around Lockes liberal termsLocke reminds us that the debate is still occurring and is about whether Locke got it right or notEverything in our society is accepting of Lockes views So we are looking outside of this Filmer was an advocate of the divine right of KingsLocke is arguing for a society based on limited power and divisions of power whereas Filmer wants a patriarchal societyThe debate between Locke and Filmer can be described as Locke see society made up of rational independent individuals whereas Filmer see society made up of people who are tied together through bonds of obligation through tradition and love People in the patriarchal society must be bound by obligations to family religious groups tribes and love Is it not irrational to base relationships on such things like owing something and love and shouldnt maternity lead us away from these things One side neglects the emotion obligations based on love and the modern liberal side focuses on reason alone Characteristics of a
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