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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

RousseauMainly worried about the majority of what we do and what we think of ourselves comes from what other people think about usWhen we live together we begin to compare ourselves To attract other people we begin to lieIf you cannot manipulate the image you present to others you cannot get what you want from themWe cannot be happy until we get these things from other people through manipulationIn many ways the founder of modern social science and deeply religious The root of all of our problems was the inability to communicate honestly 17121778Culture is just another way for us to be artificial taking away from our true nature The problems we see in politics and society are due to this dishonesty1754 he writes the Discourse of Inequality Mans fall starts when we begin to live with other people we begin to depend on each other and thus we must manipulate each other Tries to live by the principles he lays out in his books Hard to categorize him because on one hand he seems to be preaching equality and on the other he seems to be appealing to conservative people He taught people is responsible for the French Revolution because he had one lessonyou are Gods You can take control of the political system and the social order He diagnosis these large pro
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