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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

RousseauDoes not like private property How many crimes murder and wars could we have been spared if property lines did not exist the fruits of the earth belongs to everyone the earth itself belongs to no onePg 112 The development of housing and shelters People begin to live together in some sort of congealed relationshipgenerated by habit Solitary and simple lifeCommodities soften peoplePublic esteem being to be praised people fight over revenge honour sexual jealousy Pg 155116 sad moment in the historical projector The Fatal Accident Accident something happened by chance something went wrongRousseau thinks all of human history has been diverted because of this accident What we need the most of is food so why is it necessary to have more than other peopleThe fatal accident the invention of metallurgy blacksmiths which led to the exploitation of agriculture because not everyone was looking for food or taking part in agriculture anymore Believes there may have been a volcano and saw ore come from the volcano and learn from the explosion that the ore melts and can be molded This is the first division of humanity Before this everyone did the same thing looked for food and tried
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