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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Rousseau Worried about the division of the self All of us are broken up into 2 parts which is a bad thing a true core true inner self a false exterior we present to other people in order to manipulate and lie This is the root of modern mans unhappiness He believes there is a purpose for philosophy and social science which is to understand and overcome this division Man thinking about what we are and how we live together It seems he is obviously stating in the writing to return to the state of nature but we cannot and that is not what he is saying We are social beings and cannot go backwards He tries to convince you that this is the problem Classical viewMans soul is divided between reason and passion elements that are godlike and others that are animalisticChristian viewOriginal sin the division is between the godlike elements of our original soul and the original sin that tarnishes usThere is a way to be good overcome the physical animalistic irrational sinful parts of ourselves and repress the parts that are not godlike Rousseau thinks this division in ourselves is no
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