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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Emile Durkheim18581917From the eastern part of France His Methodology Key Terms Social Fact what allow society to become an object they structure our life it is important we have them in order to have sociology we must identify and figure out how to measure social facts External things the reality of the combination of individuals and traditions etc within society They exist in an independent way Something in society that you can observe and identifysuch as law They are constraining you cant really choose whether they exist or not or constrain you or not If you live here in this society these social facts are the same for you as weather climate etc is for everyone else ex English You cant escape from it it structures your life Function of a social fact ex is to enhance the sense of togetherness when we all express shock when someone goes against our social norms and wanting to condemn the criminal We express our shock which supports our social norms making us feel together because we all have the same social normsThe individual is becoming more autonomous yet is relying on society more The
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