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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Durkheim 2 Suicide SuicideSelfDestruction Everyone was writing about self preservation so he thought why not write about selfdestruction Social FactIf you want to do sociology you need a social fact They have to be studied as things realities external to the individualHe wants to studied things that are only able to be studied sociologically How can we explain things like marriage Relationships Why is marriage different in certain cultures and certain periods of time If all of these institutions are just a manifestation of a psychological need of the people within the marriage then there is no need to study it through sociology because it is a psychology institution The individual is dominated by collected reality society and shaped by social factsThese social institutions are not ineffective ideological arrangements going against Marxthought social institutions were manifestations of the economic realitySuicideThere can be different motives but considering the motive is not really relative when defining it you will never fully know the persons motiveEx the soldiergoes into dangerous operation over the trench first knowing he will die The martyrdies for religious purposes The motherdies for her childThe act is carried out with the full knowledge the individual will dieSuicide is a case of death which results directly or indirectly from a positive or negative act carried out by the victim knowing it will produce this resultHow can we fully understand what drives someone to this outcomeEvery moment in history in each society has a certain tendency to commit suicideCollected data from all types of European countries on cases of death to determine suicide rates etc Every society has suicidal currentsthey correspond to the 3 typesDifferent Types of SuicideEgoistic Suicideinvolves a level of detachment from a group groups where the individual is given more freedom Protestants is more free than other religions religious differences higher rates in Catholicism than Judaism etc The difference is not about doctrine not that some religions are more accepting it is about the social reality the religion creates for the individuals actions Educational achievement higher levels of education have higher
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