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Social Sciences
Jordan Stancil

Max WeberBureaucracyRationalization frees us from traditionPart of a broader problemlinked to the notion of rationalization the ability to calculate Disenchantment of the worldwe dont have to have recourse to have spirits or magic or something we cant explain Everything is part of some kind of system and we can use science to understand that system and this progress in science will always continue through generations As rationalization grows and takes over more of our thought the enchanted part of our world goes awayenchantmentlinked to the growth of rationalization which is linked to the growth of bureaucracy all about rules that you determine and rules that you run things by so it is like the disenchantment of the world as well These concepts are all linked together in his workIron law of oligarchy Michaels theory oligarchyruled by the fewin any large organization no matter how democratic it will always end up being controlled by a small elite There is no way to escape this and have lots of people who dont and cant know each other personally and work directly with each other to run this large organization There has to be leadership to operate this machine Weber thinks this is a problemDid not think there was any way to get out of this iron cage as he call
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