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Social Sciences
Stephanie Mullen

Variables to Indicators Objectives • Understand how to move from variables to indicators • Levels of Measure Steps in the Scientific Method • 1. Identify the problem. [lit. review & causal model] • 2. Hypothesize the cause of the problem. [H1 & H0] • 3. Provide clear definitions of the concepts [variables]. • 4. Operationalize the concepts [indicators]. • 5. Gather empirical data. • 6. Test the hypothesis or hypotheses. • 7. Reflect back on theory. • 8. Publicize the results. • 9. Replicate the results. Variables to Indicators • Take your variables that are testable and find questions on the survey that are appropriate to measure the variables. • Most of the time there will be several indicators but for your project there should be one indicator/question on the survey for each variable. • If you are doing a survey or interview for a project you will state that your indicator is Question 6 “How do you feel about the current gun control legislation” to represent the variable support for gun control legislation. Level of Measurement • NOTE: Depending on the text/prof./boss these definitions can fluctuate a bit! I will explain in class. • Nominal - One category is neither higher nor lower than any other category - they are simply different categories. No underlying continuum, and the numerical values assigned are arbitrary and have
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