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Social Sciences
Benjamin Zyla

SCS 2150 October 3 rd NB: Be aware of peer reviewed sources// look at the footnotes Meta analysis: advance technic, dive in the larger picture. Requires extensive knowledge of the literature. Framework of analysis: - Includes key concepts, indicators && variables, and definition of the theory. o Theory  Your glasses  Your perspective on an issue  It’s parsunomous  Provides you with a perspective of the world  It gives you a hypothesis that one can test.  Test what the theory suggests. o Key Concepts  Helps define key terms o Variables and Indicators  Dependent variables stays constant, and independent variables can change the dependent variable’s nature  They have a causality/ the relationship between the independent and dependent variable.  This doesn’t have to be used all the time (this being directed to the use of variable)  In the business of quantitative and qualitative research (should logical relationship between the independent and dependent variables is the very difficult) - Explicit references - What is a good framework of analysis o Framework adapted to subjects?  Finding a theoretical framework that matches with your topic/ o Framework adapted of question o Hypothesis logically related to framework How to find a good research question? - What’s so interesting about it? - How is the topic relevant about this question? - The more specific you are, the more successful you’ll be. o The more focus you are, the more able you’ll be to answer this question. o Don’t ask trivial research question. - Defined unit of analysis o You have to define your key terms, o You’ll get a clear idea of what you’re talking about and how the frame should be made. - Diff. types of questions o Exploratory, Descriptive and Explanatory o Weakest one; Descriptive  Our job is to analyse after the description o Exploratory  Exploring a field of study o Explanatory  Tries to test a theory/variables/ enrich theoretical perceptions. - Helps you focus of the purpose of the paper o Eg. To describe and compare. (read chapters 17 and 18) SCS 2150 th October 8 Midterm exam: Chap. 1, 2, 5( how to ask q's in an interview// which types of question// read w/focus on what question type with what purpose), 17 & 18. Drive home 2/3 points: VIDEOS: Choosing and Narrowing Research Topics for APA and MLA Essays  Points of a literature papers// the ability to debate  DEBATABLE// PLAUSIBLE// CONSEQUENTIAL  3 steps o Choosing  Personal interest and motivation
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