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University of Ottawa
Social Sciences
Serge Nadeau

Postindustrial societiessocial inequality has increased more prominent and rapid in the US the gap is biggertechnological factors are partly responsible many hightech jobs have been created at the top of the stratification system which pays wellnew technologies have made many jobs routine need little training and pay poorlyincrease in routine jobs than jobs at the top cause an increase in inequalitygovernment policy is another factor through tax and social welfare policies governments able to prevent big income transfers to the rich however only the French have done this Theories of StratificationConflict Perspectives Marx feudalism existed in medieval Western Europe thby late 15 century several forces were beginning to undermine feudalism growth of exploration and trade leading to increased demandsome people able to open small manufacturing enterprises but needed workers peasants but they were bound to the land thus feudalism had to wither if this were to happen which it did relations bw workers and industrialists first encouraged rapid technological change and economic growthproblemssome driven out of business due to competition causing them to become working class as well as peasants moving into citiesworking class numbers grew drive for profits caused owners to keep wages low and invest little in working conditions t
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