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Social Work
Zeina Abou- Rizk

SVS 2125 February 7, 2014 Video #1: rates of drug use in Asia War is racialized for drug use Video #2: forced labour in prisons Deprived of food, bathing Increased use of HIV Racial caste system Permanent American undercaste War on drugs is mostly on poor community of color But they do not use drugs more than whites Once branded a felon-permanent second class citizens 1982 drug crime was actually on a decline when Ronald Regan tried to get more funding for the war Links between Human Rights, Abuses, and Health in the Videos Dehumanized Violation of the right to vote, access to security, housing, fair trail, forced labour, racial discrimination Links between these violations and drug users’ health: humanitarian model, cannot communicate freely Prostitution and Sex Work (Based on Video #3) Difference on terms: Sex work is considered valid I.e.; escorts, strippers, exotic dancers Sex workers have rights Expression made by Carol Leigh They should have rights just like other employees Should be in a safe environment Prostitution is legal, BUT communication, soliciting, brothels, making an economic profit (pimp) is illegal Problematic Making it illegal will cause it to be less safe. Communication in unsafe areas. Violatation to security Cannot hire body guards, drivers Violates freedom and also security Solutions: Legalize completely Criminalize purchasing Regulate laws Decriminializing protects human rights OR Sex work/prostitution is inherently a violation of human rights Very few women voluntarily involved in this sector The Nordic Model: 1. Legislative: criminalize those who buy, not those who sell 2. Robust exit strategy for those who want to quit t
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