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Lecture 4

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Willow Scobie

SOC 1101 Lecture 4 Pueblo – Collective Dobu – Individualistic (R. Benedict 1935) Native Canadian Land – holistic/custodial Values – 1. Freedom of Speech 2. Free Giving of Aid 3. Low Valuation on Wealth 4. Present Orientation Social Structural Perspective - Tracing back how we act to the various components of our social structure After comparing different cultures with one another, there are few, if any, species- wide in variant, unlearned, complex behaviors by which human solve their problems and meet their basic needs. We have constructed different kinds of cultures. By nature, we are individualistic. We think for ourselves, and others separately. Males are naturally aggressive and naturally dominate over women. (3 reasons, religion, biologically bigger and stronger, Men and women are naturally competitive. Pueblo The Pueblo live in the southwest. Men do not dominate females. Matriarchy, trace their lines through females. We don’t see evidence that men dominate women in this society. Their main economic activity is dry land farming, growing grains that live in dry lands, etc… The village owns the land and work is organized communally. Each family has their own share, but it is kept in a communal warehouse. This is a collectively organized society. They think of others in society as a large before they think of themselves. These people, men nor women, show violence in society. They are loving society and avoid conflict (thought to be a paramount importance). Aggression is simply a potential that lives within you. We trace anger back to different cultures. An ideal individual seeks at all times to cooperate with others. They avoid strong emotions, because strong emotions can lead to conflict, and never stand out in the crowd. No one ever hears from them, and this was the highest praise a man could receive in this culture. They are a very gentle, peaceful, cooperative people living in the American southwest. Dobu Contrasted from Pueblo. These people are highly individualistic in nature. They do not consider other people. Individual’s own land, and what is produced in those lands, is the most impo
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