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Lecture 8

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University of Ottawa
Willow Scobie

SOC1101 Lecture 8 Monday, October 7, 2013. Recap: - Of all material/non-material facts come rom Normative System - De-emphasize violence - Society is a living thing o The overall goal of the organism is to keep itself alive o Organisms consist of component parts o These component parts act and react on one another (shape one another) o These component parts are specialized towards meeting the basic needs of society. To the extent that these needs are met, the society will maintain itself.  Parsons says that when you look at major components of society, you see that each is specialized to meet the needs of society Cultural Values o Component part of society o The functionalists argue that this is the key towards understanding the structure of modern societies in general o It shapes the other components that you find in society (such as economic and political systems) o Shapes the way we act o If you want to explain why people act the
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