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Lecture 12

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Willow Scobie

SOC1101 – Lecture 12 Neo-Liberalism  Free market forces- this is achieved by minimizing the impact of government regulations on business  View that this enables economic growth  “A rising ride raises all ships”  Idea that (global) free trade will enable all countries to prosper o The idea that global free trade will allow all counties to prosper o Justifies the ideology if neoliberalism  Leads to challenges to minimum wage and other labor laws, as well as environmental restrictions o As it gains strength in terms of policies and practice, it has a negative impact on labor laws (overtime, agre restrictions) and environmental laws Characteristics of Neoliberalism  Free Trade  Privatization  Deregulation o Withdrawing/reducing legislation that so called interferes with the free market  Decline in the ‘social wage’ o Covers all social service benefits (healthcare, unemployment insurance)  Shift from government support to charities o Instead of a state/federal government making important decisions, two people and their
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