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Lecture 13

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Willow Scobie

SOC 1101 – Lecture 13 Max Weber Marx’s Influence  Weber rejected Marx’s materialist conception of history  He saw class conflict as less significant  Weber argued that ideas and values were as important as economic factors in creating social change  Weber focused on status categories, rather than property relations o Other people with positions in society o This is about status and not just about position Three Dimensions  Class – socioeconomic status  Status – level of social prestige that you have (maybe not a lot of money, but a lot of prestige)  Party – degree of political influence (Do you hold a lot of political influence?) Study of Civilizations - One of Weber’s contributions was that he did a lot of empirical research.  Studied religions of China, India, and the Near East  Weber contributed to the Sociology of Religion  Religion is not necessarily a conservative force  Religiously inspired movements have often produced dramatic social transformations  For example, Protestantism, particularly Puritanism, was the source of a capitalist outlook  Early entrepreneurs were mostly Calvinists  In their desire to serve God, they were driven to succeed. Material success was considered a sign of divine favor  Also, because they could not flaunt their wealth, they re-invested it Bureaucracy  Another of Weber’s significant contributions to Sociology was his study of bureaucracy o Associate them with buildings, institutions, institutions, government, etc…  The
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