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Lecture 14

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SOC 1101 – Lecture 14 Review of Literature - 1.5 pages - Report (headings/sub-headings) - Point form research questions - Find articles in journals that have sociology in the title - Specific/researchable questions o Connecting to journals outside of the field of sociology Social Interactionism Another form of sociology described as micro-sociology. Small group interactions, the kind of experiences that you would have in your everyday lives Erving Goffman  The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, 1959  “The perspective employed in the report is that of the theatrical performance, the principles derives are dramaturgical ones. I shall consider the way in which the individual in ordinary work situations presents himself and his activity to others, the ways in which he guides and controls the impressions they form of him, and the kinds of things he may and may not do while sustaining his performance before them.” (Goffman, 1959: xi) Concepts  Front stage: o Where the performance takes place whenever an audience and performers are both present  Backstage: o Where whatever a pertinent to the performance but not allowed on the front stage might appear. It is comfortable and relaxed because the audience is absent.  Think about the idea of ‘civilized’ social interaction. What types of behaviors are considered socially acceptable in ‘public’ and what do we reserve for private moments?  How is this affected by culture? Impression Management  The activity a social actor engages in to guard against the unexpected, such as uninterested gestures, improper use of language, and breaches of social etiquette.  How do acto
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