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Willow Scobie

SOC 1101 – Lecture 15 November 11, 2013 Stratification  Why, for example, are teenagers so concerned about who sits with them at lunch, the brand of clothes they wear, what parties they are invited to, who they are dating?  Why are some teenagers frequently mean to each other? Murray Milner’s Research  It has to do with teenage power, or rather lack of it  Teenagers have little economic or political power  They are rules by teachers, parents, employers  By creating a social world in which they evaluate one another they provide themselves with a sense of power  Milner calls this ‘status power’  Status is the prestige that goes with one’s social position in that dynamic  Status power involves one’s own prestige, often at the expense of others  Consumerism is implicated in status power Status Group  Groups of people who are given the same honor or prestige and who often share the same style of life  It is about consumption patterns Social Stratification  Inequalities among individuals and groups within human societies  Can occur on the basis of assets or property, gender, age, religious affiliation, or military rank Characteristics 1. Rankings apply to social categories of people who share a common characteristic, such as gender or ethnicity 2. People’s life experiences (life chances) depend on how their social category is ranked 3. The ranks of different social categories tend to change very slowly over time
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