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Lecture 18

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University of Ottawa
Willow Scobie

SOC 1101 – Lecture 18 Race and Ethnicity Definitions: Race – a category of people who share certain common physical traits deemed to be socially significant. There are no clear-cut “races”, only a range of physical differences. Human populations are a continuum, and the genetic diversity within populations that share visible traits is as great as the diversity between them - No pure geno types - In various points of history, for various imperialist reasons when people try to categorize and classify people, it is not in fact that easy to fit people into specific narrow categories Process of racialization – is the process by which people use their understandings of race to classify individuals or groups. Historically, certain groups were thought to be distinct biological groups - Used to justify this racialization - Scholars went to great lengths to come up with justifications for the process of racialization  Beginning in the 15 century, as Europeans expanded their travel, their increased contact with different regions of the world lead to attempts to categorize and explain natural and social dynamics  Slavery, apartheid, segregation, and racial discrimination resulted.  Racialization also means singling people our for unequal treatment on the basis on real or imagined physical characteristics o Part of discrimination Ethnic Groups  Distinguished by socially selected cultural traits, rather than physical ones Ethnocentrism  Social groups and cultures tent to evaluate themselves and their way of life favorable in relation to others. Racism  A system of domination through social processes and social institutio
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