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Lecture 19

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Willow Scobie

SOC 1101 – Lecture 19 Monday, November 25, 13. Gender  Sex: refers to physical differences  Gender: refers to psychological, social, and cultural differences between males and females. Role of Biology  Some researchers believe that differences between men and women are innate.  Men have taken part in hunting and warfare.  Are men ‘naturally’ aggressive?  “Aggressiveness” varies widely from culture to culture – the extent itself and its social value within that context  Also, women’s role in child bearing and child rearing – leaves them unable and/or a poor choice for hunting and warfare  Studies show that there are biological factors implicated in genetics, hormones, and brain physiology.  However, theories cannot ignore the significance of the social – in both how human behavior is shaped and how it is understood. Gender Socialization  The learning of male – and female-type roles and practices through social agents such as the family and the media. Social Construction of Gender  Gender is a social creation  It lacks a fixed essence  Feminism – belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes as well as the various social movements implicated in this belief. Sex and Sexuality Early Sexuality Studies  Scholars viewed sexuality as a domain whose meanings change across cultures and history  Early 1900s: o Initial studies were concerned with ‘deviance’. o Looked at ‘vices’ such as prostitution and pimps; also interested in homosexuality.  By 1960s and 197
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