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Lecture 10

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University of Ottawa
Willow Scobie

Lecture 10 Karl Marx Thursday, October 24, 2013 Karl Marx - Collaborative with F. Engels - Mid 1800s (works and writing) o Rapid urbanization; beginning of the industrial revolution o Harsh conditions in factories; few protective equipment o These people were being observed Mode of Production – capitalist mode of production - Capitalist o Government, law, religion, art o Pursuit of profit (important goal) o Explanation = conflict - Concerned with social fragmentation, disintegration and conflict o Drives us apart o Creates conflict Capitalist Society produces a Class System - How they earn a living 1. Bourgeoisie o Industrialists, capitalists o They own the means of productions 2. Proletariat o Working class  They sell their labour to the bourgeoisie o Their relationship is fraught with tension and struggle o Exploitative - Manifests of the Communist Party (Chapter 9) describes in detail the relationship between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat Work - Marx argues that it is the conditions of work that we have a sense of anger and frustration because we have an innate drive to take pleasure in satisfaction in our own labour for its own sake - Humans have a drive to work o Feeling productive o Self-realization through work o Other theorists believe there must be motivation - Capitalism turns that drive for work against people - Because we are being exploited, we feel anger
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