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Willow Scobie

Lecture 21 Political and Social Change Monday, December 2, 2013 - When a group’s objectives cannot be achieved within, or are blocked by, an existing framework… - Political and social change may require unorthodox forms of political action o Various protests going on in the world of today o Protests in Ukraine- overturn the leadership decisions o Anti-government protests in Thailand Revolutions - Most dramatic example of political action - Involves the overthrow of an existing political order by means of mass movement, using violence - Occur relatively infrequently Social Movement - More common form of political activity - Collective attempts to further a common interest of secure a common goal through action outside of established institutions - Some social movements are international and use technology to link local campaigns to global issues Relative Deprivation - James Davies (1962) o Argued: that revolutions have not occurred because people live in constant poverty or deprivation – they do not tend to rise up in revolution o Social protest and revolution are more likely when people’s conditions improve o Their expectations go up, but then slow down – people feel frustrated - Therefore, it isn’t absolute deprivation that leads to revolution, but relative deprivation Charles Tilly (1978) - Tilly asked why particular groups seek revolutionary change - Looked at the broader context of protest and violence Collective Action - Tilly looked at four components (needed) of collective action: - These types of characteristics made the movement possible to foster the revolution - Came from the educated class 1. Organization of the groups 2. Mobilization of the groups 3. Do they share common interests? 4. Opportunity - chances
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