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After couple in suburbs buy a househave Interstate highways have become child couple in purchasing phase Stores continuous cityways Not economic to build see them as consumers railroads bus lines People drive considerable distances in outer Suburban Suburbia has become the American Dream areaspopulation lives here Questions about Suburbs wouldnt exist if it wasnt for cheap sustainabilityoil US has a car culture we were looking for ways to use cheap oil This new system Suburban Greatest misuse of resources of habitation results in people living miles ever US invested in living arrangements from where they work Only way it works is that have no future Cheap oil party should on basis of cheap culture end within our lifetime Trains busses cars AC heat all depend Dream Alternative to city life like country on cheap fossil fuel energy Suburbia uses it living for everybody most America was the product of industrialism August 14 2003 Blackout in southern thBy mid19 century industrial city becomes Ontario Blackout Series of fuse boxes bad place People lived in slums in these tripping as we approached 100 cities Americans began to realize cities consumption Mild summer one day was werent great places to livevery hot Most vulnerable during peak summer 4thFirst suburbs in 19 century allowed upper5pm Question Why did we let ourselves middle class to get away from vulgar culture get so near to peak capacity This taught us of citieshow energy is so valuable to us 1870s
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