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Comparing sociology of other social A boundary discipline Social psychologysciencesThe study of individual behaviour in small groupsRemember Sociology and psychology are closely related here Sociology is the systematic study of human society and social interactionPsychology is more focused on medical From the study of dyads twoperson values nowadaysgroups to entire groupsSociology is also concerned with how Each other social science has its own people adjust to the difficulties of life distinct focusDifference Sociology focuses on factors Specific segments of social life and human externals to individual behaviourPsychology looks inside the personMost other disciplines belong to social Comparative example turbulent school thsciences most emerged in 19 century and children in a classroommodeled after natural sciences Psychological explanationEach discipline has its own distinct focusPersonality of the kidsSociology focuses on a combination Social psychology Surrounding Interested about the pizza not all the environmenttoppingsInfluence of parents friends peers profPhilosophySociological explanationsOur mother to us allSchool organization and rules rules of From the Greek philia Sophos lover of and conduct or discipline pedagogical practices wisdomdesign of school and of the class room etcSocial characteristics and categories Not a social science Best described as a gender class privileged or underprivileged quest reflection on meaning of life neighbourhoods family situation etcBeing reason knowledge truthAnthropologyPhilosophy is about speculation Greater From the Greek logos science and concern with internal logic of its reasoning anthropos man mankindthe scientific study of manWhen Auguste Comte created sociology Two branches physical anthropology and he wanted to break away from social cultural anthropology ethnographysciences Physical anthropology oStudies the biological adaptations Psychologyvariability and evolution of human From the Greek logos and psukho psyche behinds and their living and fossilscience of the soulrelativesSubject matteroBoth a biological science and social oBehaviour of individual humans sciencegenerally under experimental conditionsFocusoProcess internal to the individual to Cultural anthropology ethnologydetermine what influences peopleThe study of societies different from us mostly preliterate or tribal people
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