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SocializationForms Socialization Lifelong process whereby people learn the attitudes values and behaviour appropriate for members of a particular culture Is essential for individual and group survival We are always joining new groups and interacting with new people which is why it is a lifelong process Influence your choices of behaviour clothing and tastes Primary Socialization Basic Social learning which occurs from birth to adolescence Born knowing nothing and develop a self identity self control internalizing moral standards understanding of social role and what is expected of people in those rolesSecondary Socialization social learning that occurs beyond childhood and adolescence Gender Socialization the processes through which we learn to become feminine and masculine according to the expectations current in their societyAnticipatory Socialization the process by which individuals prepare themselves for roles to which they aspire by which they do not yet occupyReSocialization the process that occurs when a new role or situation requires that a person replace established patterns of behaviour and thought with new patterns We can either have this placed upon us or choose to change our socializationAgents Agents of Socialization groups and people who influence our selfimage attitudes and behaviourfamilies are the main agents We imitate behaviour we are praised when we do the right thing and reprimanded when we do something wrongEducation is another when a child goes to daycare they learn they are no longer number 1 but one in a group with others like them they are apart of the focus instead of the main focus Through school we are learning our proper place in society once a child enters a group beyond family there are changes in their socialization process Peer Group Group of people with whom we associate who are approximately our own age o who have a similar social status Moving away from our parents and looking to our peersFour Points of Socialization 1 Socialization continues throughout the life cycle2 Socialization occurs in a social context 3 Socialization is a reciprocal and cumulative process 4 Socialization involves and occurs in all of our social interactions
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