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Liam Kilmurray

Social InstitutionsThe FamilyPurpose Taking Apart Social Institutions1 Purpose ideology of institutions goal2 Structure organization of institution3 Social Relations reality for people involved 4 Outcome is purpose achieved in structure and social relations Family people related by blood marriage or some other agreedupon relationship or adoption who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of society 6 Functions Purpose of Family1 Sexual Function 2 Reproductive Function 3 Caring Function 4 Socialization Function 5 Emotional Function 6 Economic Function Structure of Family NuclearExtended Marriage Systems Monogamy 2 people married only to each otherSerial Monogamy more than one legal spouse in lifetimebut only one at a timePolygamy more than one legal spouse at a timePolygyny more than one legal wife at a time Polyandry more than one legal husband at a time Other Structural Configurations1 Common Law Marriage19 of all Canadian adults in 2006 census 31 of adults in Quebec in 2006 censusCouples under the age of 40 34 in Canada and 70 in Quebec2 Childless Couples43 of couples in 2006 have no children 25 intend to stay childfree 3 Single Parent Families 2006 16 of Canadian families14 of children live with 1 parent only82 of single parents are females
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