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Liam Kilmurray

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Social Institutions & The Family
Taking Apart Social Institutions
1. Purpose: ideology of institutions goal
2. Structure: organization of institution
3. Social Relations: reality for people involved
4. Outcome: is purpose achieved in structure and social relations
Family: people related by blood, marriage (or some other agreed-upon relationship), or
adoption who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members
of society
6 Functions: Purpose of Family
1. Sexual Function
2. Reproductive Function
3. Caring Function
4. Socialization Function
5. Emotional Function
6. Economic Function
Structure of Family
Marriage Systems
Monogamy: 2 people married only to each other
Serial Monogamy: more than one legal spouse in lifetime but only one at a time
Polygamy: more than one legal spouse at a time
Polygyny: more than one legal wife at a time
Polyandry: more than one legal husband at a time
Other Structural Configurations
1. Common Law Marriage
- 19% of all Canadian adults in 2006 census
- 31& of adults in Quebec in 2006 census
- Couples under the age of 40: 34% in Canada and 70% in Quebec
2. Childless Couples
- 43% of couples in 2006 have no children
- 25% intend to stay “childfree”
3. Single Parent Families
- 2006: 16% of Canadian families
- 14% of children live with 1 parent only
- 82% of single parents are females
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