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Liam Kilmurray

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Social Movements
Individuals & Social Change
- Strategies for Action
1. Individual-level coping
2. Organization-based action
Social Movements
Resistance: behaviour, either passive or active, which directed toward the rejection
or prevention of a social change
Social Movement: collective attempts to promote or resist social change
Causes of Social Movements
Breakdown Theory
- Social movement is the result of change in society that lead to social and
personal breakdown
- Example: Anglican Church movement to try to stop homosexuals from
being leaders in the church. Resisting this change.
Solidarity Theory
- Social movement is directly political action
- When people have a need that is not being met require enough resources and
organization to mobilize themselves into larger collectives of protests groups
6 Criteria of Social Movements R. Heberle
1. Aims to bring about (or resist) fundamental changes in the social order
2. Consciousness of group identity and solidarity are necessary
3. Integrated by a set of constitutive ideas (ideology)
4. Membership includes groups that are formally organized, but the movement
itself is not one organized group
5. Large enough to continue existence even if there is a change in composition
of membership
6. Movement is not short-lived it has duration
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