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Thinking Sociologically The Sociological Imagination, and The Origins of Sociology.pdf

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University of Ottawa
Stephan Larose

Thinking Sociologically:The Sociological Imagination, and The Origins of Sociology May-03-12 12:48 PM • Sociology: Ongoing activity • Library Code: HM 51 • Different Sociologists have different perspectives • Etymologyof Sociology: Socius (social, being with other) + logos (word, reason,science,) • What do sociologists do? • Notice social patters: repetitive behaviours (womenpay more for haircut, other services than men, because you're female/ black man driving more likely to be pulled over than white man.) • ^Canadianboxer C. Johnson, had his car taken away 28 times before being stranded at night by police. • Investigate/challenge social perceptions (cousin married w/ 2 kids, nurse cousin a father of two, analyze social pattersof male nurses, fighting assumptions of male nurses being homosexual) • By the end of the semester, we will haveformed our own definition of sociology • Gives us better understanding of our world,and people, gives us tool to find truth to misconceptions, introducesus to what C. Wright mills calls the sociological imagination " the ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society ". Pasted from 1. Sociological Imagination:^ You need to be able to relate to what you are reading,or else it is useless knowledge Enables us to understand how suicide, depression, etc. relate to larger social trends, makingthem public issue in the process (stock exchangecrash, lay offs) If one personloses job = private If more do, then = it's a public issue Coffee • Coffee: to be able to visualize coffee needs language in which coffee exist…Notbe able to talk to myself if I didn’t live in a society where I live with people who talk like me. Never had the need to go to Starbucks if I lived a million years(time to kill the mammoth) Cultural setting where coffee exists and need, means something coffee is a cultureartifact, needs culture to exist, cant talk about cultural existence of coffee withouttalking social habits, enables social relationship, coffee is a social lubricant, develop taste and time of coffee, begins at first when a teen, needs a social environment. Coffee is a stimulant • Cocaineis a stimulant, illegal • Coffee is also socially acceptable, can'tdo a line of cocaine… • Not socially acceptableto drink alcohol, also smoking was accepted • Coffee has to be available, thanks to outlets and malls • Extensive division of social labour • Coffee begins 500 yearsago • If you want to work out sociological imagination: we need to stride for a global sociological imagination A word of caution: Thinking sociologically means, giving up what you is because you chose to do it, shaped by social patterns.People are a lot like others. Questioning things you take for granted is difficult. Refer to Peter Berger's "Invitation to Sociology" he states why people should stay away from Sociology. One has to be curious of humanbeing, and willing (comfortable) to challenged ideas/perceptionactive listening/reading 2. Origins of Sociology • When, where, was sociology was invented • Augustus Comte: founded Sociology term • 1838, France • Plato: Citizens agreed on things, and has thus led to the creation of society • Philosophers like him madeobservationsaboutsociety • Confucius: Wrote aboutleadership/role models • Plato: • Aristotle: • Ibn Khaldun: • Industirlaztionand urbanization:wreaking families,and eroding • Shakespeare: understood Human Behaviours/passion translated into his writing • Montesquieu : Humanlaws embody geo concernsand cultural concerns traditions/breaking ties. • None of them are sociologists, just created an idea of an ideal society (what to do, to behave,to live the • Caused Social issues: anonymity/insanitation/homelessness/poverty/criminal good life) none analyzed it. behaviours/pollutions Social Change and Sociology • Terrible working conditions with no job security Dramatic transformations • Accidents were frequent,if you lost a handtoo bad, you'rethrough! • Children were chained to prevent them from running i. Political Revolutions: Philosophyattackedpolitics (people didn't haveto stay loyal to rulers (a common • Kids had small fingers, so kids were given those jobs belief). Philosophers started to talk about freedom and rights (Political/Democratic revolutions). French Revolutionswas very important(Liberty,Equality, Fraternity). French met in coffee houses to discuss • Observations,led to developmentof sociology "how the hell did the shit happen?" their plans to fight social injustice. The French were no longer going to take the bullshit of French • Led to: Strikes, protests, mobs, clashing palace. First time King and Queen killed legally. God created social order,and queen and king were of god. Peopleare responsiblefor organizing society. Peoplecould changesociety. American Revolution • Unions were illegal, all the abovewere illegal and led to police was political mainly,French was social. brutality • Authors made books which reflectedon social injustice (by reading ii. Urbanization: Population moving from rural areas to urbanareas(cities) these can you ga
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