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DEindividuationA process where existing social conditions led to changes in how a person sees themselves A shift from an individual to group mentality This can have the affect of allowing deviant behaviour to become more prevalentIn the crowd we start to distinct itself the crowd is doing it so you do it do what everyone else is doingsocial conditions change and as they change we change with them what happens when you put nice people in environment where people are not nice Vancouver riot Convergence theorycollective behaviour is often results from the convergence of like minded people predisposed to participating in some form of collective activity at particular eventsCollective violence at some rock concerts may be result of violence prone people being attracted to the eventExample why did Parliament not want 50cents to come to Canada 50 cent alleged drug dealer shot a lottheory developed in 70s largely due to hardrockpeople collectively come together and they are collectively prone to violenceEmergent Norm Theoryassumes people are basically conformistassumes that crowds may serve as the foundation for the emergence of deviant normscollective behaviour may in some instances be a care of good people conforming to deviant norms that emerge within the crowdpeople go with the flowjust following the crowd often leads people to deviant behaviourdeviant behaviour emerges in crowdDeprivation Theorycollective behaviour may be a function of deprivationif masses crowds feel deprived they use these feelings as the foundation for collective actionfeelings of deprivation have been linked to a number of collective actions throughout historyexample First wave feminism right to vote French revolution deprived of food American revolution deprived of just process Mahatma Gandhidoes not necessarily mean collective action is prone to violenceMass Society TheoryApplicable primarily to the occurrence of social movements in large industrialized societies example civil rights movement Gay and Lesbian rights youth movements etcMovements may be a function of alienation and marginality felt by large segments of the populationmovements form and people join movements to escape marginalityexample American Indian rights movement Rave culture of the 80s
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