SOC1105 Lecture 9: Social Conflicts - Lecture 9

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9 Feb 2016
Social Movements – Class Notes 2
Protest Cycle of the 60’s and Anti-poverty movements
Term Paper Outline
- Up to 8 double spaced pages, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman.
- Use standard formatting (APA or MLA), use APA if you’ve never written a paper. Ex.
- At least 8 scholarly references, with 4 outside of required readings. Something
should come from the course but it’s not mandatory, up to you if you use course
Paper Components
- A brief summary of the social movement or an aspect of it, depending on what
you’re writing about.
- Discussion of the dynamics present within the movement; leadership, tactics,
organization, goals and outcomes.
- Discussion of how it relates to other social movements.
- A preliminary analysis of the particular movement using at least two theoretical
perspectives on social movements.
- Concluding remarks with questions for future research and development of
theoretical perspectives. Meaning what do you think you will research in the future
related to the movement? Future in terms of research, what theory did you omit
from the paper and how would you use it to study the movement? Explain.
- Grammar, formatting, and use of proper references (Signi9cantly improper use of
references will impact marks for above components, especially academic
Suggested Outline
Include thesis and research questions. Some small background info on the
movement. Don’t write it as a mystery novel, tell them what you’re going to
write about in detail but not too much.
Description of the Social Movement
Overview of key details of the movement
Summary of the social movement
Key aspects: leadership, tactics, organization, goals and outcomes
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