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Liam Kilmurray

Social Movements & Collective Action Reading Ch. 3: key points - Mobilization - Recruitment - Influences - Social Changes - Pre-existing structures - Rational choice theory - Adherents - Constituents - Free riders - Incentives - Social movement organizations - Bureaucratization/formalization - Centralization - Forum - Leadership - Collective campaign - Critical events - Countermovement campaigns - Collective action - Goals - Outcomes - Media Political Process Theory - Stresses interactions between social movement actors and the state - Examines the role of political opportunities - Favourable conditions will lead to social movements, protests Video: How Facebook changed the world: Arab Spring – Tunisia - Used cell phone filming + Facebook to show the footage of what was happening – the media was not covering this movement (media is censored and controlled by the corrupt government) - Postings on Facebook went viral and word spread to surrounding countries and cities where similar events started occurring - Used Twitter to get around police raided streets to get to the protesting - Police force used firearms and brutality, killing unarmed protestors - Prime Minister fled and the revolution was won, changing to democracy and human rights enforced - Revolution then spread to the neighboring country of Egypt (although this would be a harder country to change) - The Egyptian leader is allied with Western officials and Presidents, allowing him to get away with his crime and rigged elections - Word
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