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Liam Kilmurray

Environment: Climate Change Biosphere - All the Earth’ ecosystems considered as a single, self-sustaining unit - 12 miles in depth - From bottom of ocean floor to top of mount Everest Ecozone - A broad geographic area in which there are distinctive climate patterns, ocean conditions, types of landscapes and species of plants and animals - Local, Regional Mount Pinatubo - Ejected 10 billion metric tons of magma, an d20 million tons of sulphur dioxide, bringing vast quantities of minerals and metal to the surface of the environment - It injected large amounts of aerosols into the stratosphere – more than any eruption since Krakatoa in 1883 - The aerosols formed a global layer of sulphuric acid haze - Global temperatures dropped by about .5C and ozone destruction increased substantially Tsunami - December 26 , 2004 - Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand - 225,000 dead Pakistan - About 20 million people affected by the flooding, and about 1,600 people killed - Pakistan’s federal flood commission estimated that 300,000 homes have been destroyed or seriously damaged and 2.6m acres (105,000 sq. km) of croplands submerged Japan - 6.2 Magnitude - 18,000 dead - Fukushima Nuclear plant leaks ICCP 2009 Report - Very likely (90-99% probability) that the earths mean surface temperature will increase between 1.4-5.8 degrees centigrade between 2000-2100 (catastrophic!) - There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributed to human activities CO2 - Carbon dioxide is implicated in virtually all of the great climate shifts in Earth’s history, including the coming and going of the Ice Ages; the eons of warm ice-free states that the dinosaurs lived in some collapse of the Earth into a globally frozen state in the Neoproterozoic era some six hundred million years ago - One has to go back perhaps ten million years to find another time when the carbon dioxide concentration was as high as we will make it during the next century Climate Change - Modeling climate change is very difficult - Change is not normally linear and there are many unknowns - Many of the worst scenarios are in the realm of the possible rather than the probable - Climate change is not the same as environmental problems - Miniscule machinations of the planets climate are difficult to ascertain - Ozone layer depletion is nut one of the global issue - Extinction rate of spec
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