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Ariel Fuenzalida

SOC2101  -­‐  Social  Determinants  of  Health  –  October  22nd     Social Determinants of Health • Geographical location, occupation, environmental, income, access to resources and care, education, gender, social ties…etc • Example; working in an industrial factory might be extremely pressing on ones health o Exposure to toxins, poor safety policies… • Exposure to alcohol and drugs as a child • Early childhood development • Security, insecurity • Housing • Water and sanitation • Constitutional factors • Canadian society displays some shocking facts o Average life expectancy for an aboriginal man living on a reserve is 67 years § Not living on a reserve is 72 § General population is 79 o Only difference is location… o 60.1% of off reserve aboriginal people display a chronic condition, but non aboriginal is only 49.6% o diabetes rates are twice as high for aboriginal people living off reserves o 5 times higher for aboriginal women living on reserves o also more likely to be obese o higher suicide rates § average of 12/100000 Canada total § 24/100000 for first nations § 135/100000 for Inuit o over 75% of Inuit people feel that alcohol and drug use is a problem in their com
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