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More Foucault – November 12th

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Ariel Fuenzalida

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SOC2101  –  More  Foucault  –  November  12th     • Foucault’s central insight, the development of the modern social and medical sciences is the development of sophisticated power/knowledge of social control. (White) • No such thing as power without some sort of knowledge and vice versa • Discourse: a concept and a method. A unit of language organized around a particular subject matter and meaning o According to linguist Michael Halliday, a discourse is “ a unit of language larger than a sentence and which is firmly rooted in a specific context. There are many different types of discourse under this heading such as academic, legal, media, medical…etc. each discourse type possesses its own characteristic linguistic features o Denotes real manifestations of language (actual speech and writing) • A statement only acquires power if it is said in a particular context or ‘space of enclosure’ • Just like a diagnosis can really only take place in the presence of a doctor, they are a professional and they have the power. • A discourse meaning is context bound for Foucault • It’s the actual practice that imprints a power onto the body. • If an Atheist were to just go thru that practice of prayer, even if they don’t believe, they will eventually, with practice, become a believer. The repetition will cause them to change
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