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Feminist Foucault – November 14th

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Ariel Fuenzalida

SOC2101  –  Feminist  Foucault  –  November  14 ?  Or  18 ?     Hysteria, anorexia, agoraphobia • For feminist perspective, the body is central, marks a difference between men and women. • The body is symbolic, it emits signs. Constantly sending out signs and symbols. Create or reflect an identity. o A medium of culture o Culture constructs the body • Female body construction in our contemporary society: o Perhaps traditional, housewife, gentle… o Breasts, makeup, attention to appearance o Reproductive organs, ability to reproduce for society • Places the feminine closer to nature • What we eat and how we dress actively constructs our body • Culture imprints itself directly on the body • Culture produces the bodies that it wants • The body is a powerful symbolic form • Illness and disease itself, is part of this signifying process of the body • Attempt to express something in illness, something that may not be able to be spoken out loud for various reasons • For Foucault, the body is a site of social control o Table manners, toilet habits, etc… o Routine practices construct a civilized body o Converted into a set of automatic and habitual responses • More women spend more time on the actual management of their bodies compared to men. Therefore, they discipline their bodies more. o Makeup, hair, outfit, shaving/waxing, etc Bordo: “through the pursuit of an ever-changing, homogenizing, elusive ideal of femininity – a pursuit without a terminus, requiring that women constantly attend to minute and often whimsical changes in fashion – female bodies become docile bodies – bodies whose forces and energies are habituated to external regulation, subjection, transformation, “improvement” • Through these types of disciplines, women feel they are never good e
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