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University of Ottawa
Ariel Fuenzalida

Review of Final exam – Tuesday December 3 , 2013  Exam from chapter 5  chapter 9  Pay attention to Materialist Explanation – What causes disease (ch. 5)*  Class as occupational position  P. 90: Classical Marxist Approach  Political and Economic Functions of Medicine  Ch. 6 Parson  P. 107 – Parsons and the Professions  P. 113 the Sick Role, p. 114  Ch. 7 – Foucault’s sociology of health*, and the Big Picture  P. 126 Box 7.2  Foucault’s Body sections  Ch. 8 Health and Gender - P.134 why are there more women patients? - P. 137 - P.142 patriarchy of medicine, and technology Race, Ethnicity, and Health Q to think about: What are the implications of viewing health at a sociological perspective? What kinds of problems does it raise? Lecture: Is race biological? Could it be the human race? It can be biological, and a social construct Is there a difference between race and ethnicity? Race is simply what you are, and what you look like, while ethnicity is what you practice and what you believe. Distinctions can obviously be made, and go in various types of directions. How are questions or issues regarding race vs. ethnicity, related to questions about health?  Different access to health services  Religious beliefs against medicine  Language or cultural barriers* (clash between medical professionals and ethnic groups)  Health care providers play a role into how medicine is delivered Medicine as an institution is shaped by, as well as shapes racism: Does western biomedicine have an implicit racist bias? Raises the historical notion of race, and attempting to link race to biology, and another notion that revolves around the concept of ethnicity that has absolutely no links to biology Through the materialist approach, it is essentially class or economic inequalities that are at the root cause of many
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