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Lecture 3

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Kristen Tole

Symbolic Interactionism - Through symbols meaning is derived - Subjective meanings the individual attached to action - Interactions between institutions and the individual - How are bodies regulated within society - “body projects” – the idea that somehow the body is something we can change / modify: back in the day being heavy meant you were wealthy, you had money for food and drinks, now managing your money is wealth - Technological capabilities and lifestyle choices; transportation – rather than walking or biking you might take a car, not getting exercise Brian S. Turner: The Body and Society (1996) - Bodies are governed both internally and externally - Bureaucratic registration of bodies; what happens when you‟re born and die, when you join the army, when you get HIV you are added to the system - Analogy of bodily government; we govern bodies through practices (internal – what we decide, like whether or not to eat breakfast ) - Illness has subjective meanings – how we actually describe our health - Illness reflects social anxieties about patterns of social behaviour, people react differently to types of illness, easier to say I have diabetes then to say I have AIDS - Social consequences of illness: what does it mean for society, for the individual, when they get sick? Populations Bodies Internal/ Reproduction Restraint External Regulation Representation Turner’s Four R’s: Reproduction: - Physical (ie. Sex, population regeneration) *internal - Bureaucratic institutions which govern populations *external - Replication of ideal and values of society (internal and external) - Malthus – society‟s survival (we will reach a population where we cannot survive because of scarce resources) - “success” could be reflected in the future generations Regulation: - Not only in terms of space (we divide land and sell it off to people), space shrinks the more you know someone or when in an elevator or on a crowded bus, if someone is ill the personal space grows - Laws, policy, social norms, cultural practice… smoking laws, cultural practice – the illness is treated / acknowledged - Surveillance of populations – shows us patterns and trends and accessibility - Regulation through health practices – Canada food guide Restraint: - Self-denial, self-control, bodily management – going on a diet in order to fit into a dress, going to the gym - Restraint in the interest of social organization – keeping opinions to yourself when in certain situations - “living w
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