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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Ottawa
Kristen Tole

** Evidence based medicine – clinical, social Epidemiology examines…. - The interaction(s) of complex disease producing factors - Widespread infectious diseases, epidemics etc. - Distribution, spread and cause of non-infectious and infectious diseases (biological or social factors left out of the diagnosis) - Conditions of ill health or death Social epidemiology - Not just biological phenomena and medical knowledge - Disease is embedded within social, economic and cultural contexts Social context - Can shape the risk of exposure - Susceptibility - Disease’s course and outcome (what do the ill have in common? Shop at the same places, rural/urban?) - Regardless of infectious, genetic, metabolic, malignant or degenerative nature of disease Three main aspects… - Agent: the disease (virus, infection, etc.) – what it looks like, under a microscope - Host: the site an agent creates disease – human, blood - Environment: o External – not airborne / animals o How the agent is carried (ie. Drinking water, food) – blood and bodily fluids, sharing needles, unprotected sex o Internal (Immune system) – what does it do to the human self? Destroys the immune system o Socially it tells us you can get it from doing certain activities, no boundary around who can contract it Social Factors - Shape the illness experience - Hinder of help adaptation - Alleviate or exacerbate symptoms - Providing therapeutic or detrimental environments - Causing good or poor health care to be available Social Patterning - Health, disease and mort
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