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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Ottawa
Kristen Tole

Seeking Carewhen is a cold not a coldSix Primary Measures of Health 1986 1 Physical functioning number of days confined to bed chronic pain mobility status do you need someone to take care of you 2 Mental health how well you can manage your own emotions and how that impedes you from getting on with your day 3 Social wellbeing how much social support you have which is subjective different numbers of people require different kinds and amounts of support community involvement 4 Role functioning being a mother daughter sister friend student coworker youre expected to act and function a certain way how you interact 5 General healthperceptions day to day routines bathing eating 6 Symptom How do people know they are illBiological and social factors sneezing pain throwing upcompared to how others feel and how you know you should feelSymptoms and meanings if you are in the shower and you feel a lump you interpret that as breast cancer or youAcknowledge and in
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