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Lecture 1

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University of Ottawa
Fatemeh Givechian

Lecture 1 – January 11 2013 When scholars want to study deviance and social problems they usually have a: - Methodology: the procedure of getting information, the manner of studying - Theory: explanation, perspective that helps explain a behaviour or phenomena, statements that try to explain various types of deviance and social problems, theories claim to be general, they are refutable o Basis of interactions is economy: Marx o Basis of interactions is being in a society: Durkheim o Basis of interactions is out interpretation, our values: Weber - Empirical studies and info: about ordinary situations o Ex. poverty (social problem), scholars need to get information such as who is considered poor? Poor compared to whom? Age, ethnicity, education of the poor? o We need a procedure to study to explain the phenomena Deviance: something which deviates from the norms, which is not according to the norms of the society, when you deviate from the expected way of how you do something Norm of society: something that the majority of people in a society think is right or correct Social Problems: unsatisfactory situations that cover more than one person Act – causes and consequences, types, universal, culture bound - Humans are the only ones who intentionally take their own life - Some people concentrate on the social problem of suicide – the act, others have concentrated on the individual who commits suicide - Even though we study the same acts, the reason for some acts may be different among people – universal or culture bound Individual – who commits the act - Voluntary / involuntary o Ex. unemployment: did you quit your job or did you get fired or laid off? - Nature / culture o Is deviance and causing social problems human nature? Social implications and control - Formal – written and based on laws - Informal – shaming and rejecting? / going up or down the stai
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