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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Fatemeh Givechian

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Lecture 6 – January 29 2013 Drawbacks to anomie theory: - Theory constantly emphasizes deviance and social problem, by the lower class people - But this does not mean the upper class are innocent and are never deviant - This theory assumes as a given that all layers of society and groups of society have the same inspirations, whereas sometimes they don’t - The theory cannot explain ascribed crimes (when someone is born with it or cannot change it) - Does not account for the mentally retarded because they do not have the same goals as others Media and Fashion Industry - How accurate is the information from the media? - Sometimes the news, advertisements and entertainment are fused together - Media has specific priorities and agendas - They give us certain information, but they also give us a framework for thinking about the information o Ex. they give us the idea of health and who is a healthy person, they want to convey a type of social norm - They want to give us an idea of who we are and who we want to be - Nowadays we know that we as people can influence what is in the media, based on surveys, and ratings etc. - The media is like fast food – not necessarily good quality but it makes you full What is the relationship between media and deviance and social problems? - Moral panic: can create panic so we are careful, buying alarms for something that really doesn’t exist - Glorifies deviance - Can cause eating disorders - Can be the cause of hate crimes School violence due to: - The increased availability of guns - Increased glamorization of guns in the media, movies, TV shows - Promotion of cultural violence, the bad thing about violence will be removed - Accept the use of force to settle personal conflict, punching in movies and boxing - We have become indifferent to violence, we accept it as normal Fashion Industry - Rock and roll – response to - Hippies – make love not war, response to the political situation - Rap – response to government and public silence about racial inequality - Rap means quick speech - 1960: rap becomes part
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