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Lecture 2

SOC2107 - Lecture 2 - Data, Info and Demographic Perspectives

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Gustave Goldmann

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Data and Information Individual State Transitions - theoretical aspect of demography - demographic behaviour - birth, death, migration, child bearing, marriage & divorce (formal, civil, unions...) - we know people are born and we know people die but what happens in between? - what influences what happens between those two points - demographic rates - crude birth rate, crude death rate, fertility rate, divorce rate... Demographic Change and Social Change - changes in sex ratio, average age, ethnic composition... - social change results in the changes in the demographics of a population - currently in quebec there are policy implications that are an effect of the change in the demographics in the population, a reaction to the change - in India, women are trying to take control of their own lives, this changes the birth rate, many women are not having as many children so the population is not growing as fast Theoretical models and methodological perspectives - micro models of demographic change - rational actor model (microeconomic model) - normative model - drift model - macro models of demographic change - demographic transition theory - structural change - political change, scientific change, institutional complexity, industrialization - we have a level of organization that somewhat controls the demographic change Demographic Data and Information - data helps us identify population stocks - sources of demographic data: - census of population - demographic structure and population - registration of vital statistics - Indian act - who gets status card? - administrative data - enrolling in university, staying in a hospital - population registers (European countries) - everyone in the population registers where they live, where they work, etc... - you have an accurate count of everybody - however, every time something changes in your life you are obligated to tell the government - changes in marital status, address... - a population register only works if its mandatory - census = info about every single person living in a geographic area - survey = samples only - census data have political implications, fiscal implications... Populations in the Census - de facto population - people who are in a given territory on a census day - Canada - de jure population - people who legally belong in an area, regardless of whether they were living there on the day of the census - many countries Census Errors - Non Sampling - coverage errors - miscounted and counted twice -
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